The knives may be used, but they are not used up. Still a lot of years left in them to enjoy and use.

We are adding new knives all the time and hope to find the right knife for you to enjoy
for years to come.

Here at, we are proud to offer some of the worlds finest vintage, traditional pocket knives.  Some of the knives are very rare and really hard to find. There are all kinds of knives, made by makers, companies and old factories.  There will also be a few custom hand made slip joints posted, as we get those from makers that we know personally. They are very nice, so make sure you take a look at those while you are here.

We are very glad that you found, and hope you will find that special pocket knife you've been looking for. If You don't find it here, send us an e-mail and we will do our very best to find it for you. If there is anything that we can help you with, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks for looking at our site, enjoy the knives, and have a great day.     Alan and Tim

Mint : A knife that is absolutely original as it came from the manufacture. Never used, carried, sharpend, or heavily cleaned. An unblemished knife.

Near Mint: A new condition knife that may show very slight signs of carry or shop wear. Blades are not worn and snap perfectly. Handles show no cracks. Most of original finish is obvious.

Excellent: A knife that shows no more than 10% blade wear. Handles are sound with no cracks. Blades snap well. Some discoloration of blades or handles is acceptable. May have been heavily cleaned.

Very Good: A knife with up to 25% blade wear and slight cracks in handles. No blades or other parts have been replaced or repaired. Stamping is clearly visible to the naked eye.

Fair: A knife with up to 50% blade wear and cracks or chips in handles. Blades are "lazy" (lacking snap) and may have been repaired. Stamping is faint but readable with magnifying glass.

Poor:Blades are very worn or may have been replaced with ones of same type. Handles are bad or missing. Reading of stamping is near impossible. A knife valued only for its parts.

      Knife Condition

With internet evolving into what it has, nowdays it's hard to tell who you are dealing with. It seems like any old Joe can hang out a sign and go into business. So I would like to take a moment and tell you about us. My name is Alan Dodge, most folks just call me Al. I was born and raised in Kansas, and I'm 54 years old. When I was  young, I couldn't wait for summer time, that's when I got to go spend time with my grandpa on his farm. He and my dad were the largest cattle breaders in Kansas at one time. He was a big part of who I am now, and his birthday is the same day as mine, how cool is that. Every summer, he would buy me a new pair of cowboy boots and made sure I had a good sharp pocket knife to carry. The photo on the right is him with a prize bull named Crusty.

The photo to the left is my dad with a bull named Tredwell. They said a small kid could walk around with a bucket of feed, and the bull would  follow him around like a dog. I grew up with four brothers and six sister's. There was never a dull moment around our house. My mom would make us help in the garden, she will turn ninety years old this year.

For the past ten years I've helped Todd Davison sell his custom knives on the internet. I've handled and photographed over a thousand slip joint knives he as made. Out of 1,219 knives, I missed handling only five of them. So I know very well what a high end custom slip-joint knife should be like. I own number one & two, among other knives he has made me. You can see some of those in the photo below. They're laying on a book by Mike Robuck, that contains some of my photos that I took of Todd's knives. It's a  great book, so if you get a chance, make sure you check it out.

I've been to almost every state in the union, and have worked at quite a few jobs in my life. Doing that has given me a lot of knowledge on how things are made and done. Do I know everything, NO, far from it, but I do know a lot. One thing I can't stand is liars and hypocrite's, so if you are not one of those we'll do fine. The close friends I have, I can count on one hand, and most of those I've known since the third grade. I remember going home from fourth grade and getting my shot gun. My brother and I would just walk out the door without having to ask permission. Our parents trusted us, try doing that nowdays as a kid.

To the right is me and my brothers and sisters, Letter A - Carolin, B - Ron, C - Janet, D - Lois, E - Nancy, F - Sandra, G - Gary, H - me, I - Karen, J - Kevin, K - John. My oldest sister Carolin past away 1971, my brother John past away in 2004, my sister Nancy past away in 2009. The second photo below was taken at my older brothers house in 2001. In it my son (Ryan) is letter A, my Mom is letter L. The others in the photo are my Aunt's, Uncle's, Cousins, Neices, Nephews and a few friends. I got to spend two years there with him, helping him build his dream home.

The knife above is my Grandpa's old Camillus pocket knife, I have it in my collection. I see a lot of knives on the web, that folks like to call "MINT" when really they are not mint. If you see a knife listed here on, and I have it listed as mint, I can guarantee that it is. When you buy a knife from us, we will give you seven days from the time you get the knife, to decide if you want to keep it.

Helping Todd sell his custom knives, we met Tim Ziek, he's my partner here at Tim loves traditional knives, and I enjoy working with him as we grow this site.  I hope this gives you some idea on who we are, and we look forward to doing business with you.

Alan Dodge & Tim Ziek

You must be 18 years old or older to purchase a knife from us. 
You are responsible to check local laws concerning possession of and carrying a knife. 
We accept personal checks, United States Postal money orders, and Pay Pal.
Shipment will be made after funds clear bank.
We do NOT take trades.
We use the United States Postal Service for domestic shipping included in the price.
All knives are insured when shipped.
Shipping and insurance outside of the continental United States will be an additional cost.
All knives sold by us come with a 7 day inspection time after you receive it, if you are not
100% satisfied, we will refund your money upon receiving the knife back in the same
condition it was sold. We do not give partial refunds, if there is a problem, please return it.
Please contact us before returning the knife.

                                                                                COLLECTING POCKET KNIVES
 Knives are the oldest tools known to man. Antique, vintage pocket knives, also known as slipjoints are some of the most sought after collectibles there are. With literary thousands of companies that have made them over hundreds of years, you will find a vast amount of knives to collect. The history of knives, who made them and where they were made can be very educational, and you will probably never learn it all in a lifetime, there is so much out there to know.
 Collecting knives can be rewarding and enjoyable for anyone wanting to do so, from the beginner to the more established collector. You will never run out of material to look at and want to add to your collection.

When you begin collecting knives it can be overwhelming to some of you on where to start. Most knife collectors will tell you to collect what you like. When you buy knives, ask questions, this is how you will learn. There are also many books available to help with patterns and pattern numbers that the makers assigned to their knives, blade, handle materials used and dates of manufacture.
If You see something on our site that is of interest to you and have a question, please ask us.

                                                                                                                                                        Alan and Tim